respect for the fiber


The shredder allows to chop straw and hay without the help of other machinery and to optimize the use of a single machine. The PF Line range provides - on request - a shredder with unique efficiency: thanks to a new system of fixed knives and counter-knives, which can be adjusted manually, the food enters the mixing tub already perfectly cut, in full respect for the fiber and guaranteeing great work performance.
The milling cutter with the shredder, applied on the Leader, is an optional designed to meet the need to have an optimal length of the fiber capable of significantly reducing the cutting and mixing times and, consequently, reducing total consumption.
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  • The Faresin mill, with its 31.5” width and its 128 reversible knives, is the largest on the market.
  • Exceptional cutting capacity thanks to 128 reversible knives and 3 series of counter-blades (2 adjustable and 1 fixed).
  • Unsurpassed cutting power of 120.7 hp with 4000 rpm and with two-way mill and mill rotation direction.
  • Reduction of cutting times (-80%) compared to a system without a mill.
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