Faresin Press Experience

Faresin Industries - a company specializing in the development and production of mixing wagons and spectrophotometry tools for the livestock sector and telehandlers for the agricultural and industrial sectors - received a delegation of Polish journalists from the Breganze factories belonging to the most prestigious specialized sector publications of their country.
A meeting with the press born under the strategic agreement with Korbanek sp Zo.o - one of the largest importers of agricultural machinery in Europe - for the exclusive distribution of "made in Faresin" telehandlers in Poland.
Poland, where the company of Breganze has been operating for almost twenty years, is in fact an important part of the international development of Faresin Industries until, over time, it has become something very similar to a domestic market.
The program of the visit, divided into two days (October 8th-9th), was not limited to the story of the industrial process, but was extended to the processes upstream and downstream of the assembly lines of the technological jewels of the manufacturer. Breganze. On the morning of the second day of the program, the group of guests then moved to the agricultural company Bartolomei of Bressanvido (VI) to see the Faresin machines working in the field.
A real experience of the Faresin approach to the market that has seen the company, in recent years, move from the production of functional and innovative machines to the realization of solutions serving the business of farmers no longer seen as simple customers, but as long-term partners with whom we share vision, values ​​and objectives.
A group of students from the IIS Scotton Institute (Breganze / Bassano) participated in this important event as part of the "Real Business Experience" territorial welfare program launched by Faresin in collaboration with the Veneto region. A program that aims to break the diaphragm between the world of education and the world of work in an experiential way. The students, "brieffati" and guided by the Marketing Faresin, had the task of documenting the event and then venturing into the world of digital publishing by creating a series of post-social events and a mini-press release for the web.

Once again an opportunity in which the vision of Faresin Industries is realized with an integrated approach to the business that involves customers and stakeholders at the local level as well as internationally.