Faresin Industries, the roots of the future

The Vicenza company represents the synthesis and declination of a culture that has its roots at the dawn of the industrial revolution.
Faresin Industries, a company specializing in the development and production of mixing wagons for the livestock sector, telehandlers for the agricultural and industrial world and spectrophotometry instruments, announces that on 21 September 2018 will open the doors of its Company with an Open Day Factory, an event funded and promoted by the Veneto Region in the framework of the DGR 686 - Atelier Aziendali, to begin a process of sharing its business culture aimed at transforming this wealth of values ​​and skills into territorial welfare.
The project, promoted by the Veneto Region in the framework of the DGR 686- Atelier Aziendali, provides for the creation and organization of an extensive multimedia archive with its own window of communication and openness to the world, which takes the form of an interactive training space. This window will consist of an experiential area designed to make the story intuitive and immediately usable through a continuous dialogue between history and present. A real dynamic area destined to evolve because it is guided by the development of the company that - over time and through the generations - will continue to enrich its contents.
The multimedia archive, as well as the interactive space, has been organized into 3 itineraries:
People are history - the human and cultural roots of the company. The transmission of values ​​and culture through the family and the community of which it belongs.
The most advanced technology: better than yesterday, worse than tomorrow. The story of a passion for innovation at 360 ° able to renew itself with each generation.
Faresin horizons - The story of the Faresin commercial expansion in the 5 continents led by an unstoppable desire to know, grow and explore.
The interactive space can be used in 2 different ways:
Educational - a more informative version of the routes, destined for the school world and the more general territory. This modality that aims to spread the culture of enterprise between the new generations and the new Italians.

Brand Experience - a mode designed for cultural interaction with the press, industry, partners and stakeholders structured in more specific focuses. In collaboration, the collaboration with the A. Scotton of Breganze institute has been strengthened, a bidirectional relationship has resulted in the project: "Real business experience", introducing students to the world of contemporary work in a concrete and proactive way. Primarily the students are assigned a task related to their study path to then create a workshop that involves the whole class.

The exhibition areas will be joined by an all-digital version of the experience that will allow its use in public events and conferences. The project, which is now taking its first steps in a medium-term plan, will make its steps usable as they are implemented.