9.30C VPS 100

3000 kg of maximum capacity, up to a height of 8.9 m

The Compact range, thanks to its reduced size, allows you to work in small spaces with extreme ease and to reach heights from 7 to 9 metres with a maximum capacity of 3000 kg.


  • Queen Cab: comfort, visibility and ergonomics
  • New Stage IV engines: powerful and reliable
  • Pump LS - 152 l/[email protected] bar
  • Compactness and manoeuvrability with high performance
  • Chassis and boom: extraordinary strength
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New Stage IV engines: powerful and reliable

Faresin has equipped its telescopic handlers with new engines in accordance with Stage IV/Tier 4 Final regulations from 74 kW to 100 kW capable of ensuring high power combined with low fuel consumption. Equipped with an exhaust gas post-treatment system with DOC+SCR, they are efficient and ecological. 
  • Accessible engine compartment for easy maintenance
  • Exhaust gas post-treatment with DOC+SCR
  • Increased radiant surface
  • Clean and efficient

Full control and reliability

Latest generation hydrostatic transmissions that ensure sensitivity and power during machine travel.
  • 4-wheel drive with 3 steering modes
  • Maximum speed 40 km/h
  • Continuous variation single-speed with audible reversing horn
  • Three drive modes: DRIVE-HANDLING-CREEPER

Smart hydraulics

High performance guaranteed. The high technology of smart hydraulics.
  • Flow Sharing distributor with hydraulic/electro-proportional control
  • Double roller electro-hydraulic joystick with built-in FNR
  • Ecofast regenerative valve, exclusively by Faresin

Queen Cab: comfort, visibility and ergonomics

The driver’s cab of a telescopic handler is the operator's workstation for many hours a day. For this reason, Faresin is committed to design and develop improved solutions in terms of comfort and safety (Cab in accordance with ROPS and FOPS).
  • Ergonomics and visibility
  • 360° view, at all times
  • Efficient heating and ventilation
  • Spacious and comfortable interior spaces
  • Dashboard with colour display and built-in diagnostics
  • Guaranteed safety

Data & technical specifications

  • Weight when empty 7300 kg
  • Engine Deutz Stage IV / Tier 4F
  • Power 100/136 kW/hp
  • Torque 500 @ 1600 rpm
  • Post-treatment system DOC + SCR
  • Hydrostatic transmission Continuous variation
  • Hydraulic supply LS Piston pump
  • Flow rate of hydraulic services 152 l/min @ 250 bar
  • Steering radius 4 m
  • Height 2260 mm
  • Width 2106 mm
  • Length 4781 mm
  • Cab width 960 mm
  • Clearance from ground 350 mm
  • Pitch 2950 mm
  • No. of extending sections 2
  • Speed 40 km/h
  • Pull force 6250 kg
  • Maximum capacity 3000 kg
  • Maximum height 8,9 m
  • Maximum horizontal outreach 5,8 m
  • Slewing angle 155°
  • Accessories holder Type FH
  • Wheels 405/70 - 24