Greater quality and productivity The entire feed chain for cattle

Complete control of feed quality every day
The world of farming faces the daily challenge of preparing rations that ensure the very best nutritional properties for livestock. This is made possible only by controlling a process involving many variables in a prompt and organic manner.
Faresin’s industrial project is inspired by a “cross-engineering” approach and based on the synergistic interaction between the various products. By considering that like an ecosystem, Faresin’s products promote a virtuous cycle to offer customers countless solutions and benefits.
Precision Feed Measurement (PFM) system is in keeping with this philosophy and is based on the principles of Precision Feeding technology to guarantee the best possible results in terms of quality and yield.
PFM combines the use of a mixer wagon and a telescopic handler - or a self-propelled wagon that can be used for both loading and mixing – with the PoliSPECNIR™, manufactured by the sister company IT Photonics, which monitors the entire cattle feed chain in real time, to guarantee the dispensing of a precise and homogeneous ration.
Constant monitoring allows the farmers to quickly decide how to adapt the process according to precise parameters and indicators, and ensure the homogeneity of the ration for their animals every day.

Analysis of the raw material During the initial harvesting phase

polySPEC mounted on the tank of mixer carriages (self-propelled, towed or stationary) measures the nutritional contents and the homogeneity of the mixture. The new HOMOGENEITY INDEX allows to continuously obtain the best mixture avoiding harmful losses of nutritional efficiency during the mixing process or during the administration phase.

Food Analysis

Breeder and nutritionist can control the quality and variability of the food available to the company in order to correctly manage the development of the rations. poliSPEC allows you to know the real quality of food by optimizing the use of company resources or purchased matrices.

Analysis of the ratio In the manger

The possibility to measure during the day the feeding behavior of animals through the use of the new HOMOGENEITY INDICES and SELECTION directly in the manger allows, to breeder and nutritionist, to adopt the correct countermeasures in order to strictly meet the food needs of the animals avoiding losses otherwise difficult to identify.

Analysis of the matter in the first phase Of the collection

poliSPEC helps to accurately determine the state of the crop allowing to program with certainty the cultivation interventions and identifying the maturation window for an optimal harvest. The new INSUSABILITY INDEX allows an immediate measurement of the quality of the crop and its ability to develop correct fermentation, allowing any targeted use of additives or other ensiling practices.

Crop analysis during harvesting phase Baler, forage harvester and combine harvester

poliSPEC allows the continuous measurement of the characteristics of the harvested product, allowing to improve the destination and storage phases. Thanks to ISOBUS connectivity and georeferencing systems, it is possible to map the productive characteristics of the field so as to correctly evaluate the harvested product and develop appropriate agronomic plans.