Mixer Wagons

The feed mixer wagon is now an important part of the livestok's feeding process. It provides high quality fodder and a proper mixing, which are fundamental for a correct feeding of the cattle.
The feed mixer wagons was spread as a mechanical aid in feeding livestock. Over the years it became equipped with the most modern technologies in order to better satisfy the nutritional needs of animals.
The mixer wagon thus becomes a key point for preparing the right mixtures based on the indications of the agro-food nutritionis. It also provides rations with uniform composition.
So every day the cattle's feed ration will be in the right amount and chemical-physical composition, because the feed mixer wagon prepared a uniform unifeed with the right length of fiber.
Faresin mixer wagons can satisfy all needs in terms of quality and size, with the range consisting of:
·        Vertical trailed mixer wagon
·        Horizontal towed mixer wagons
·        Self-propelled mixer wagons
·        Stationary mixer wagons
The large loading capacity of Faresin feed mixer wagons can respond to the needs of every farmer. The mixer wagon permits not only to save time in the preparation and distribution of feed, but also to achieve the objective of improving animal welfare by providing feed that stimulates proper rumination.