New Range VPS & VPSe

New cab
Adjustable Steering Column and 2 Speeds Wiper Windscreen.
+ 20% Front Screen Shield Surface.
Digital Dashboard.
New Joystick - Hydraulics LS - Double Roller Servo-Controlled Electro-Proportional.
Three Steering Modes: Front Wheel - All Wheel - Crab Wheel.
New engine
VPS Range with STAGE 3B (TIER 4i) Engines 90kw/122 Hp.
VPSe Range with STAGE 3B (TIER 4i) Engines 115kw/156 Hp. The Most Powerful in its Category.
Fuel Consumption Reduced by 15%.
VPS - Variable Power System - Speed 0-40 km/h.
VPSe - Variable Power System Eletronic - Speed 0-40 Km/h with 3 Driving Modes: Soft - Work - Automotive.
VPS Hydraulic System: LS 145 lt/min.
VPSe Hydraulic System: LS 190 lt/min.
New Boom Control Counterbalance - Max Lowering Speed @ Minimum Engine Rpm.