E-telehandler: an electrifying future

Maximum privacy on the first fully electric telescope proposed for the first time by a company in the agricultural technology sector.
At EIMA International 2018 we presented, in absolute world preview, the first realization of Full Electric telescopic handler that promises to put an end to the words "emissions" and "noise" opening the field to a new range of uses.
The R & D center Faresin Industries after years of research has developed this innovative machine on the same chassis as the 6.26 telehandler.
By zeroing emissions and considerably reducing noise, this solution will improve the comfort of use in closed environments such as warehouses or low stalls, will bring safety to the highest levels and will allow its use even in activities or times where the noise of endothermic engines is today limiting factor.
A solution that interprets the technological change that is revolutionizing mobility as we had known it.