From tradition to international dynamism Who We Are

Faresin Industries, based in Breganze (Vicenza), designs, manufactures and sells worldwide feed mixer wagons and ration analysis instruments for the livestock sector and telescopic handlers for agricultural and industrial use. The company, founded in 1973 by the current Chairman Sante Faresin, combines the tradition of solid family leadership with the dynamism of an international group, now present all over the world with its network of branches, distributors and retailers.

A family business for the future Mission & Vision

Innovation at the service of our customers’ daily work. A mission that started 40 years ago with the desire to develop, manufacture and sell all over the world technologically advanced machines for the agricultural, livestock, construction and industrial sectors. All of our activities, from design to after-sales services, aim at making our customers’ work more and more secure, efficient and simple.
Our gaze is directed towards ambitious goals for the future, our roots stand firmly in the values of our past. Faresin Industries is a company with an international vocation that has developed and grown all over the world over time, but that has always been securely guided by a family strongly linked to its territory of origin. The decision to keep the main headquarters and production plants in Breganze is aimed at bringing significant added value to the local socio-economic fabric, whilst projecting its excellence onto the global market. We believe that people make the difference: for this reason we focus on training our employees and building a solid relationship with our partners, customers and suppliers.

To reach my dreams and ambitions I still feel in the starting phase...

Bond with the territory

A wealth of culture and solidarity that makes the difference: thanks to the synergies deeply rooted in the community we belong to.

We build to go far

We put our work first. We want to be protagonists: for this reason, Faresin products aim to be the right investment for your company.

Cross Engineering

Faresin’s real strong point is the integration of all business areas in a single Company System.

A family business for the future

“Innovation at the service of our customers” has been our mission for over 40 years, since the Company was founded.

We are what we do Some numbers

21.685 mq

Total covered area


Dealers all over the world



3 branches


+ 1200

Machines produced per year

More 10000

Hours of staff training
... we are the only manufacturer in the world of wagons, handlers and ration analysis instruments...

Our Certifications

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ISO 9001 - ISO 14001

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