Sustainability Environmental and economic

Faresin considers its social and environmental responsibility as an active part of all business processes.
Sustainability means production processes with a low impact on the environment and the creation of machines able to reach the maximum operating speed with a reduced number of revolutions, in order to reduce operating time and therefore CO2 emissions.
This is the goal that we have aimed to achieve by being the first to introduce self-propelled mixer wagons with high performance but low consumption on the market.
We consider environmental constraints not as a limitation but as an opportunity to develop new ways to reduce operating costs and increase profitability for the farmer whilst respecting the environment.
The concept of social and economic sustainability is fully integrated in Faresin’s Vision and it starts from its being rooted on the territory of the Breganze Production District which is in its DNA.
The Company is constantly committed to maintaining and redistributing, on its territory of origin, the value generated by the company, as well as manufacturing machines capable of combining animal welfare with profitability for farmers all over the world.