Electric breakthrough for Faresin – Cranes&Access 2021

At Bauma 2019 Faresin quietly unveiled a compact all electric telehandler - the Full Electric 6.26 - ready for production. In late 2018 the company had discreetly placed several evaluation units with customers, receiving some solid feedback data from its ongoing field trials.
Most of the people who spotted Faresin’s innovative machine at Bauma were sceptical about its readiness for the rough and tumble of the real world. No competitor had anything similar ready for commercialization. However some canny eyed distributors spotted the potential for Faresin’s Full Electric concept and began talking with the company. These included GGR a leader in the telehandler market with a good nose for a concept whose time has come. Critically, it has zero tolerance for unreliable products or less than perfect product support, having become accustomed to the bullet proof Japanese built Unic and Maeda spider cranes. Faresin Full Electric telehander went to work on the high profile, such as HS2 high speed rail project, and ended up working out even better than anyone had hoped.
The feedback from customers was glowing and GGR found it had a desirable product on its hands as word began to spread. In the words of Flannery operations director, Niall Hester: “ The teams were able to get full 10 hour shifts with the machine without needing a re-charge. It was then left to charge overnight, ready for the next shift. A fast charger was supplied which would have charged the machine in just under two hours but was not needed in the end.”
Faresin has ramped up production and is breaking its production records in spite of Covid-19 lockdowns. The company has now added a further production line to increase the capacity.