The Italian company comes to this edition of the prestigious international exhibition with a formidable and complete range of telehandlers that represent the state of the art in the industry. Machines born for the construction site that incorporate all the innovation and smart solutions that Faresin Industries introduces to the market. 
Technologies designed to make operators' work smarter and more efficient that are designed and manufactured in the Breganze plant with the aim of constantly raising the bar of performance and offering cutting-edge construction solutions. 
At Bauma Faresin will present the latest innovations dedicated to the world of construction and industry. The Vicenza-based brand thus follows the innovation path at the service of the customer that includes, for each season, the introduction of new models able to respond in a timely manner to the evolving demand.
BAUMA 2022 will also be an opportunity for the world premiere of a new FULL ELECTRIC telehandler that takes its place in perhaps the most important segment for lifting activities for construction and industry. It is the 17.45 Full Electric from the new Big Range Full Electric range, a machine with construction in its DNA.
The FULL ELECTRIC you didn’t expect. A telehandler designed for the modern construction site that can deliver similar performance to machines with endothermic engines and an indispensable partner in areas with eco-sensitive regulations.
BORN TO WORK AT HEIGHT. The Big Range FULL ELECTRIC series is presented at Bauma with the new 17.45 FULL ELECTRIC, the world’s first electric telehandler with a maximum lifting height of 17m and a maximum lifting capacity of 4.5 tons. Its front outriggers ensure high performance and great stability on any type of terrain when lifting and handling at high altitudes.
SMART POWER. At the heart of the new telehandler is a 45.36 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack at 435 V that powers two electric motors: one, 51 kW, for transmission; the other, 23 kW, dedicated to services. The power is delivered as needed thanks to a made-in-Faresin process that avoids wasted energy in favor of charge duration.
Thanks to this “smart” power, performing the Big Range FULL ELECTRIC is absolutely comparable to that achieved with diesel engines. The numbers speak: peak pulling force 44.3 kN; top speed 25 km/h.
UNIVERSAL CHARGE. The asymmetrical availability of different power systems has always been a weakness of electrified construction vehicles. For the Big Range FULL ELECTRIC, this problem becomes history. In fact, the onboard system allows batteries to be recharged with absolute flexibility, thanks to a single plug interface for 220V single-phase and 400V three-phase power supplies such as for the fast-charging column.
FULL RANGE. The new Big Range Full Electric series, like its diesel-powered twin, includes 3 models:
-             14.42 Full Electric, with a capacity of 4.2 tons and a maximum lifting height of 14 meters;
-             17.40 Full Electric, with a capacity of 4 tons and a maximum lifting height of 17 meters;
-             17.45 Full Electric, with a capacity of 4.5 tons and a maximum lifting height of 17 meters.
The Big Range series kicks off the successful fulfillment of the FARESIN FULL ELECTRIC line-up, which began in 2018 with the 6.26 telehandler, also a world-first. A new and important step along the strategic axis of sustainable innovation, which drives the Faresin Industries brand’s path of constant growth and improvement.
FS 9.32 Compact
Faresin presented at Bauma another new model of the Next Generation of telehandlers. The FS 9.32 Compact is the big brother of the FS 7.32 Compact, which will also be on show at the Faresin stand. A maximum lifting capacity of 3.2 tons and a lifting height of up to 9 m are the numbers that define this powerful and versatile machine. The longer boom, consisting of two extending sections, ensures greater capacity in absolute safety.
This new model embodies all the features of the new FS Compact series, which sets a new standard in the Compact segment. A series designed from the ground up in order to meet an increasingly evolved demand to the growing environmental awareness in all sectors.
The new FS range was born predisposed towards future developments in interconnection and “internet of things” and is characterized by an innovative design that started from a Faresin R&D idea and was developed in collaboration with prestigious specialized studies and partners at the forefront of executive technology. Lowered and tilted to sloping over the right front wheel, the new hood establishes a new level of visibility for telehandlers.
The hydraulic part is the real muscle of the machine and is oversized to guarantee versatility of use, with flow rates ranging from 120 to 180 liters/min, depending on the set-up, capable of ensuring extremely fast work cycles.
FS 7.32 Compact
The first born in the Next Generation of Faresin telehandlers, the FS 7.32 Compact also makes its debut at Bauma. The FS 7.32 is an innovative machine that sets a new standard in the Compact segment thanks to its completely redesigned cab, longitudinal engine layout, and hydraulic power that ensures fast work cycles and smooth, precise movements.
A true “systemic” response that brings FS Compact to the top of its segment because it affects all major machine functions and puts the operator at the center, the link between the machine, its management and functional and service control
The maximum lifting capacity is 3.2 tons and the maximum attainable height is 7.1 m. Further characterizing data are: a steering angle of 37°, turning radius of only 3.8 m, wheelbase of 2.95 m, width of 2.10 m and minimum height of 2.06 m. Measures that make this model a champion of great performance with unique agility, important stability and sought-after versatility. 
Faresin's 6.26 FULL ELECTRIC telescopic handler is rapidly conquering the global market and returns to Bauma completely renewed, after debuting in the last edition in 2019. Thanks to this telehandler, presented in 2018 at Eima as the first electric in the world, Faresin is in a position of competitive advantage over the top players in the sector.
Agile, quiet, and sustainable. Faresin 6.26 Full Electric telehandler is suitable for any type of usage, thanks to its 2.6 ton lifting capacity and a maximum height reach of 6m. Twin of the diesel-powered version, it was created to be the equivalent eco-friendly alternative. Faresin’s 6.26 Full Electric is intended for use where emissions and noise must be limited, such as construction sites at night, zero-emission residential areas, livestock farms, greenhouses, and food handling areas such as cold rooms, wine cellars, food laboratories, etc.
Faresin has equipped its FULL ELECTRIC telehandler with two synchronous electric motors powered by lithium batteries, available in three versions: 24 kW/h (315 Ah), 32 kW/h (420 Ah) and 43 kW/h (560 Ah). Faresin also offers a new Fast charge onboard system that fully recharges the battery in just two and a half hours. 
6.26 Classic 52
The 6.26 Classic 52 telehandler from the Small Range, is the most compact version of the Faresin telehandlers. Best seller of the Vicenza-based brand, this machine is a true all-rounder in every situation, from construction site use to industry. Its minute dimensions, less than two meters in width and height, make it always agile and maneuverable in any environment, even in very tight spaces.
The Faresin small telehandler has a capacity of 2.6 tons and can reach a lifting height of 6 m. A turning radius of only 3.25m and three steering modes make the 6.26 a champion of maneuverability. The 70-hp Stage V engine allows the machine to reach up to 30 km/h and the 80-l gear pump allows simultaneous boom movements to increase productivity.
17.40 Classic 55
The 17.40 telehandler from the Big Range reaches very high heights thanks to the front outriggers and the long boom, composed of three sections, reaching up to 17 meters with a load capacity of up to 4 tons.
The model on show will feature a 55 kW Deutz Stage V engine, which ensures low fuel consumption, great performance and ease of maintenance, thanks to its longitudinal layout and the absence of AdBlue for the exhaust gas after-treatment system. The hydrostatic transmission makes the machine even easier to use and perform in both precision and heavy-duty work.
10.70 Classic 75
The 10.70 Classic 75 telehandler from the Heavy Duty Range series offers outstanding strength for intensive work, lifting extremely heavy loads (7 tons). The machine features a hydrostatic transmission with a two-speed, four-mode mechanical gearbox that provides a maximum speed of 40km/h.
Then, thanks to a 150-liter/min load-sensing pump and hydraulic regenerative system, it ensures high performance in boom handling with low engine speed and maximum control of movements even with heavy loads. 
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