Faresin’s presence at Eima International 2021 confirms the change of pace adopted by this industrial company based in Vicenza, and is the result of company choices and industrial decisions made well before the onset of the pandemic, which can now be tangibly appreciated.
A series of actions involving the company’s three production assets. The very recent presentation of the new range of telehandlers, a worldwide exclusive to the distribution network and press, allowed a preview of certain contents presented at the international event. At the Faresin stand at Eima, located in Hall 36 – stand B/10, visitors can in fact enjoy a worldwide preview of the FS 7.32 model in the “LC” (Low Cab) version and standard version – the founder of the FS range. A technologically innovative product featuring a captivating yet functional design, which significantly improves user visibility and safety, with superior performance at the height of its category and a tendency to look towards the technology of tomorrow.  
Also on display is the 6.26 Full Electric, which enjoyed its world première at the 2018 edition of this same event. This telehandler now returns as a leader, given the number of niche unexplored markets it has progressively conquered since its first presentation, all attentive to the high performance guaranteed by this machine, specifically: Zero noise, Zero emissions, Zero compromise. The model on display also features two significant improvements which further enhance its operational performance.
Mixer wagons, Faresin Industries’ strategic asset par excellence, are also on display with several “full optional” representative solutions combining high technology and the company’s well-founded expertise thanks to more than forty years of experience, university collaborations, and knowledge developed in-house. Today, Faresin Industries undoubtedly designs, builds, and markets mixer wagons with the most sophisticated solutions available on the market, and which measurably improve production and animal welfare. Many important and much-awaited “smart” features will also be introduced in the upcoming months.
Sante Faresin, Chairman of Faresin Industries, commented the company’s change of pace by stating “These last years have been important for Faresin Industries because we have succeeded in reconfirming the constant and consolidated growth of the company and its business. This result is even more remarkable if we consider that it was achieved during such a difficult time for the world and industry, highlighting the fact that this accomplishment is owing to the structural growth of the Faresin brand in terms of innovation, industrial excellence and market presence.” 
“The development of Faresin Industries,” states Silvia Faresin, Deputy Chairperson, “is an integrated process of ‘Made in Faresin’ and customer centric technological innovation characterised by shared goals and a rapid, flexible decision-making structure.”
Playing an important role in this change of pace are the company’s commitments: its industrial development plan includes investments for more than 50 million Euros in R&D over the next eight years, with the aim of doubling production, and with a special focus on developing an even more eco-sustainable product. The presentation of new products in the upcoming months will be the most tangible demonstration. 
Sante Faresin reminds us: “We are convinced that in a context of continuous evolution, expertise becomes a genuine strategic asset. Thanks to the continuous expansion of our skills, we have in fact been able to internally develop new technologies and industrial processes, which, in addition to generating profits, also pave the way for the company’s future.”