The well-being of animals and farmers: this is the central theme of this edition of Space. Faresin responds to this call with innovative solutions integrated into its products, having as their ultimate goal the health of livestock and a better balance between work and private life of the operators. These technologies, studied in synergy with the academic world, have enabled mixer wagons and telehandlers to establish themselves throughout the world. Intelligent machines that guarantee the measurable profitability of farms and are ready for the agriculture of tomorrow.

Faresin's mixer wagons are a reference in the market because they make it possible to obtain a high-quality, homogeneous mixture. An excellent unifeed allows for greater productivity because it improves the ingestion and digestibility of the ration, which means increased production, reduced feeding costs and, ultimately, improved animal welfare. This reduces the use of antibiotics and increases the environmental and economic sustainability of farms.

Faresin will exhibit at Space its most advanced technologies dedicated to animal husbandry and farm handling: the self-propelled mixer wagons Leader PF 2.22 Plus Ecomode with two augers of 22 cubic meters of unifeed and Leader PF 1.14 Ecomix with one auger of 14 cubic meters and, finally, the towed Twinner 1600, twin auger with straw thrower, 16 cubic meters.

The innovative 6.26 Full Electric, the first fully electric telescopic handler in the world, will also be on display for the very first time at Space. Silent and extremely easy to handle, this telehandler is designed for use in enclosed spaces where emissions and noise must be limited, such as stables, poultry farms, greenhouses, cold stores, wine cellars, food laboratories, certified low environmental impact companies, etc..
This telescopic handler reduces noise: with only 6.4 dBA it works generating a buzz equivalent to the noise of an office. The 6.26 Full Electric is equipped with two electric motors powered by lithium batteries with sufficient autonomy for a full day's work.


The self-propelled mixer wagons Leader PF 2.22 Plus Ecomode, dedicated to large farms, and Leader PF 1.14 Ecomix, for smaller farms, are designed to produce a perfectly homogeneous and high quality mix. This is possible thanks to the particular geometry of the auger and the cutter that guarantee high cutting efficiency in full respect of the fiber. The Leader Ecomode version, in addition, provides an automatic control of the hydrostatic transmission 0/40 km/h.

Geometry and high level of innovation also for the Twinner, a trailed unifeed that guarantees an unprecedented mixing quality thanks to the special conformation of the auger, designed to push the product upwards. With this straw-throwing mode, the mixer wagon can perform the dual function of feed distribution and bedding preparation.

Faresin was the first manufacturer in the world to launch a full electric telescopic handler on the market, which offers advantages in terms of: up to 60% reduction in operating costs, elimination of maintenance and above all zero impact.