Special article in the Informatore Zootecnico magazine about Fugazza farms

Informatore Zootecnico n.8/2021 has just published a special article regarding the Fugazza farms, which for years have chosen Faresin mixer wagons for the distribution of unifeed. Read the full article in italian.
The Fugazza farm, located in Gragnanino Trebbiense (PC), is a cutting-edge production facility, a "stable of the future" which uses two Faresin mixer wagons, one of them purchased a just a few weeks ago. A Leader PF Plus 2.33 Ecomode and a Leader PF Plus 2.28 Ecomode feed 2,800 head of cattle every day, all Friesian cows, of which about 1,000 are in lactation.
The new 28 cubic metre capacity wagon is equipped with the shredder, a system that guarantees a clean cut and respect for the fibre. There is no need to use other machinery, optimising the use of a single machine. The advantages offered by the shredder are many, including: precise cutting with constant fibre length, more homogeneous blending and less time spent using the feed mixer wagon, which saves on total usage and fuel.
Faresin mixer wagons are equipped with the "Farm Manager Web" system, which connects the weighbridge of the unifeed wagon with the farm centre computer or smartphone via wireless connection. In this way, it allows the quantities of feed loaded and unloaded to be monitored, as well as determining feed costs and managing stocks.
Farm manager Lorenzo Marini, manager of Aziende agricole Fugazza and managing director of Lattegra spa, explains: "We have seen that these Faresin machines have proven to be reliable over time. For this reason, a few weeks ago we decided to add a new 28 m3 Faresin mixer wagon. Our feed mixer wagon work over ten hours a day, in order to optimise the time required to prepare and distribute the unifeed to the animals."