Three Leader PF Faresin mixer wagons were delivered today to the Cremonini Group of Modena, the Italian leader in the production and distribution of beef.

On the morning of May 11, 2021, three self-propelled Faresin mixer wagons were delivered for the livestock production area of Società Agricola Corticella in Spilamberto (MO), part of the Cremonini Group. 
Dr. Silvia Faresin, Vice President of Faresin Industries, attended the ceremony and handed over the keys of the 3 mixer wagons - one Leader PF 2.24 plus Ecomix and two Leader PF 2.16 Compact plus Ecomix - to Dr. Serafino Cremonini, Sales Director and Farm Administrator of Inalca, a company of the Modenese group dedicated to meat production. All three machines integrated the NIR system that allows real-time monitoring of the entire food chain of the cattle, to guarantee the dispensing of a homogeneous and precise ration.
“We have been working with Faresin for a long time, and we made this new investment because of the great reliability of their mixer wagons. In many years of use, they had no problems,” comments Serafino Cremonini, son of the founder Luigi.
“We thank the Cremonini family for putting their trust in Faresin products. It is an honor for us to support one of the most important national and international companies. A super clean and organized company, where animal welfare is at the base of everything. - adds Silvia Faresin, - We hope that this moment of mutual satisfaction will lead to further opportunities in the future.” 
With over 4 billion in turnover and 18,500 employees, Cremonini is the first private company in Europe for the production of beef and meat-based transformed products and number one in Italy in the commercialisation and distribution of food products to food services. The Modenese company owns many brands in the food and catering sector such as Roadhouse, Chef Express, Montana, Manzotin, Fiorani and many others. This results from a diversification policy implemented since the 1970s. Record figures, got by putting sustainability and animal welfare at the center of all livestock production.
Silvia Faresin gruppo cremonini
Silvia Faresin gruppo cremonini Faresin Industries
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