Faresin Leader PF self-propelled mixer wagons have 3 steering systems and 4 wheel drive. This choice ensures great maneuverability and agility with a reduced turning radius, to move easily even in small stables or with reduced maneuvering space.

The PF (Precision Feeding) series of mixer wagons represents the most complete range of machines for rationing unifeed, which can increase the profitability of farms in full environmental respect. This results from a process of continuous improvement that began in 1989, when the first Faresin wagon was produced. This process has led the company to offer increasingly innovative machines, essential for simplifying the work of farmers and operators.

With over twenty years of experience in the design and production of telescopic handlers, Faresin included the 3 steering systems, typical of telehandlers, also in self-propelled mixer wagons. The 3 steering systems are:
  • Front steering: only the front wheels turn. This is the suggested option when the self-propelled truck is used in transfers.
  • Concentric steering: the front and rear wheels both turn simultaneously in opposite directions. This type of steering provides a smaller turning radius.
  • Crab steering: All four wheels turn in the same direction, allowing the mixer wagon to make a lateral movement. This type of steering is efficient when working in small spaces (approach maneuver).

With the four-wheel steering, it is possible to reduce the turning radius by as much as 15% compared to a wagon without this technology. A truly sensational result that makes Faresin mixer wagons among the most handy and agile on the market.