Introducing TenuteFosca, reflection of Sante Faresin's passion for the world of wine

TenuteFosca stems from the passion of Sante Faresin. A passion cultivated since childhood, growing up in a fairy-tale landscape of hills and vineyards at the foot of mountains, filled with history. A landscape brought to life thanks to the hard work and resourcefulness of man, capable of making the earth and nature bear fruit, not by stripping them bare, but by improving them season after season in a symbiotic relationship with the environment.
A dream that stems from a family tradition, interrupted by the major upheavals of the last century, which has now been revived, enhanced by a new awareness: that sustainable integration with nature and land produces quality. For this reason, TenuteFosca decides to choose to follow the ORGANIC path, which is now the hallmark of our entire production. A choice based on respect and care for the land, typical of the tradition that has transformed our district into a garden. Indeed, for the brand ‘organic’ means care, respect and, above all, quality, which is why, we do not just follow the protocols laid down for organic crops, but TenuteFosca broaden the concept to the environment that hosts the vineyards and to the “cultural” sustainability of its product because the company preserve and renew the tradition of the historical grapes.
Sante Faresin has, in fact, chosen to surround himself with young winemakers of international standing and expert winemakers who are the contemporary expression of the local tradition. A team where everyone shares the “TENUTEFOSCA philosophy”: respect for the environment and traditions combined with a personalised approach to each vine, throughout its life cycle.
The wines are produced in the PDO district of Breganze, an area which combines a series of favourable and unique geographical and climate factors for vine growing and wine production. In addition to providing an ideal habitat for the vineyard, Breganze PDO certification boasts an ancient wine-making tradition, as evidenced by the drafting, in Bassano del Grappa in 1295, of one of the first regulations known in the world for vine growing and winemaking. A tradition that, thanks to the constant improvement in techniques and the far-sightedness of winemakers of the territory, is now appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world.
The online shop is now available and delivers all over the world very quickly. Come and meet TenuteFosca on and find out the whole selection of white and red wines.