Bettinardi: innovation and experimentation

Excellent power for the whole range of Faresin telehandlers. With the introduction of the latest European regulations, these new machines have been updated with stage V engines: Yanmar 51.7 kW and Deutz 55.4, 74.4 and 100 kW.
The engines have been designed and built to be used in areas with regulated exhaust emissions, thanks to the post-treatment with DOC + DPF system for the 51.7 kW and 55.4 kW engines without the aid of AdBlue and with DOC + SCR + DPF for engines from 74.4 kW to 100 kW with the aid of AdBlue instead.
The advantages of this new equipment are found in a reduction in fuel consumption and a better exploitation of the torque level that maximizes efficiency and durability.
Furthermore, the longitudinal position of the engine guarantees operational stability even in particular climatic conditions (very hot areas), faster access to the compartment for maintenance and consequently a reduction in costs.