Bettinardi: innovation and experimentation

What's better than seeing your animal healthy and also having some extra cash in your pocket?

The "Il Giglio" farm, located in Bressanvido (Italy) and run by Stefano and Marco Bettinardi together with their father Adriano, have firmly focused on the technological innovation of our Leader PF 2.26 Plus Ecomix wagon with two vertical augers and a capacity of 26 cubic meters. A choice that has led to concrete satisfaction in terms of the company's economic solidity.

Not only innovation but also animal welfare. This model of mixer wagon is equipped with a shredder on the cutter, which allows you to load perfectly cut food for easier digestion and 2 vertical augers that uniformly mix the different ingredients to produce a softer and more homogeneous mixture. This result was achieved not only thanks to this type of screw conveyor but also to the geometry of the mixing tube, the shredder and the use of an innovative measuring system, the PolispecNIR, which allows the analysis of the index of homogeneity of dry matter, proteins, fiber and starch.

Download the PDF (in italian) of the article by the Zootechnical Informer:
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