UK Case Study for 6.26 Full Electric

E-6.26: FOR SAVE
Eco-friendly, silent and effective.

These are the three adjectives used to describe Faresin Industries Full Electric 6.26 telehandler, following a case study in England. The project, based on the construction of the new HS2 high-speed railway line connecting London to Birmingham, sees the collaboration of Flannery Plant Hire and the English dealer GGR Group for the use of eco-sustainable technologies that can safeguard the surrounding environment and, at the same time, ensure high quality performance. The Faresin E-6.26 test showed that this machine is the only one capable of fulfilling the requests of the joint venture of the client, not only because it does not emit CO2 emissions but also because it operates in absolute silence while maintaining the same performance as the telescopic equivalent 6.26 with internal combustion engine.
An innovation that completely changes the way of working in the closed environments of historic and urban centers in perfect harmony with the green technology of the future.

Download the PDF case study held in England:

For more information visit the dedicated website 6.26 Full Electric of the dealer GGR Group: