DISCOVERING FARESIN: an all-round experience

A day of learning and knowledge into the nature, away from pollution, city chaos and exhibition sectors.
Discovering Faresin is this: an itinerant experience that remains alive for a long time in the heart and mind of those who have lived it.
In February we went to Portugal, to our dealer Tractorave. A ten-year collaboration that led to the birth of this project.
The purpose?
To show and to know all the features of Faresin products and how, in line with the company's mentality, they have been designed to preserve the well-being of the animal at 360 °.
A self-propelled Faresin, a farm and 12 customers.
Few ingredients for a perfect recipe, the same that is guaranteed by our machines.
In fact, thanks to the milling cutter with the mill, to an innovative geometry of the tank and to the augers with adjustable knives, a constant fiber cut is made respecting all the nutritional properties, for the production of a homogeneous mix. A healthy meal that can be confirmed by the use of NIR, an analysis tool that verifies the quality characteristics of food in real time through specific calibration curves.
An environmental sustainability which also can be translated into a reduction in consumption and savings in terms of costs.