For Fieragricola 2020 Faresin splits into two

Double attendance for Faresin Industries SPA for the 114 th edition of Fieragricola, scheduled in the exhibition district of Verona from 29 January to 1 February.
There will be two stands wanted by the Breganze company to be closer to its customers. The main stand, centrally located in Hall 6, will highlight the range of telescopic handlers with the presence of the innovative 6.26 Full Electric, the first telehandler without an endothermic engine commercially available worldwide.
It is in this stand that you can find the renowned courtesy and hospitality that Faresin Family reserves to all its customers and to those who want to touch in first person the technological innovation of Faresin mixer wagons and telehandlers.
6.26 Full Electric is the solution, in phase of launch, that is collecting increasing interest in the fields where the absence of emissions of exhaust gases, the ecology and the very little noise represent the main parameters of choice.
The new Comfort Plus Cab, which has greater spaciousness and a studied ergonomics in the layout of the controls, is also on display in Verona. 
The other exhibition point of Faresin Industries is located in Hall 9, realm of zootechnical mechanization. Here is the line of mixing wagons together with the exclusive remote control solutions of the quality and homogeneity of the mixture. They are technical accessories that allow farmers to control production costs and improve animal welfare in accordance with the instructions of the food processors.
All theese solutions, moreover, allow to re-enter in the facilitations previewed from the Law of Budget 2020 for the purchase of agricultural equipments 4.0.
invito fiera agricola Faresin v2.jpg