Faresin Industries, a company that has been innovative  for over 40 years, opens a new season for Agritechnica 2019, as always projected the future.
The product innovations introduced on the occasion of this important international event are but just a first taste. 
The Company has experienced significant growth driven by the introduction - right at Agritechnica 2017 - of the revolutionary PF series of mixer wagons and the new ranges of telehandlers. Results that have been consolidated by the inclusion of new skills in the commercial area and by the structural strengthening of our network to guarantee an effective response to the needs of our customers globally.
 At the same time, in the industrial field, continuing the path to the 4.0 factory , following the important structural investments of the last two years focusing on the formation of production frameworks and on the optimization of processes, where we carried out a series of innovations that project us towards the future. In fact, we have developed a new and more efficient digitalized and automated production processes to allow further development of our Precision Farming products internally.
Strengthened by these results and the solidity acquired, we now look to new and even more ambitious goals.
In fact, we are determined to position our products in the medium-high end of the market and to accelerate the transition from the heat engine to the electric motor, already realized with the introduction of the first full electric telescopic lift, 100% made in faresin.
In fact, our goal is to launch products that make the difference in terms of environmental sustainability and profitability, against a global scenario of a general economic slowdown and growing ecological sensitivity.
However, in this scenario of great and positive changes, our values ​​and our entrepreneurial vision based on the “family business” approach that sets us apart in the market and that in our opinion guarantees a balanced and sustainable growth remaining firm and solid.
Commitment, creativity and investments are the ingredients of a recipe that makes us look to the future as a world full of opportunities; for us, for our customers and for all our stakeholders.
In summary:
Faresin Industries
a future ready company