Телескопические погрузчики 6.26 Full Electric

2600 кг Mаксимальная грузоподъемность, высота до 5,9 м

The Faresin Industries R&D centre, after years of research, has developed this innovative machine on the same chassis as the telescopic handler 6.26. The fact that it has zero CO2 emissions allows for it to be used even in closed environments, such as warehouses, logistics areas and agricultural activities, improving the level of comfort and safety in the workplace. The low noise level allows for it to be used in workplaces and environments where the use of combustion engines is not recommended. 
These technical solutions are perfectly in line with new green technology which provides for a reduced impact on the environment in the future. The telescopic handler Full Electric 6.26 can be used in any operating condition thanks to its practicality and its all-wheel drive.


  • Battery life 6 hours
  • Recharge: on board 13 hours / fast 2,5 hours
  • Reduced noise
  • Green technology
  • 0 emissions
  • 100% electric
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Запрос информации

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Thanks to its services and electric drive unit,
the CO2 emissions can be considered zero.
Simple and cheap maintenance like that of an electric motor.
The same performance as a conventional telescopic handler mod. 6.26 without the noise of a combustion engine.
Use Fast charging and reduce the recharge time during the work cycle. Use classic charging at night. Standard on-board charger placed inside the machine.
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The Faresin electric telescopic handler is suitable for any type of application where the use of a combustion engine would be limited.
  • Historical centres
  • Logistics
  • Indoors (Fairs, events)
  • Rental
  • Farming
  • Greenhouses and nurseries
  • Organic agriculture
  • IV Range


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The increased purchase investment is amortised on average after about 2 years of work.

доступные конфигурации


  • Вес 4800 kg
  • Гидростатическая трансмиссия электрический
  • Гидравлическое питание шестеренчатый насос
  • Расход гидравлических служб 80 l/min @ 230 bar
  • Радиус разворота 3,25 m
  • К-во выдвижных секций 1
  • Скорость 12 km/h
  • Колеса 12-16,5

данные и спецификации

  • Высота 1935 mm
  • Ширина 1890 mm
  • Датчик 1550 mm
  • Свободный просвет от земли 220 mm
  • Шаг 2525 mm
  • Длина 4035 mm
  • Ширина кабины 960 mm
  • Максимальная грузоподъемность 2600 kg
  • Высота подъема 5,9 m
  • Горизонтальный выход 3,2 m
  • Угол наклона 155 °
  • Держатель приспособлений FH