PF2.18B Plus

Trailed, 2 augers, capacity 18 m³

This constitutes the most prestigious line and is suitable for farms of all sizes. It stands out in particular with components based on chopped materials and its dimensions can range from 12 to 30 cubic metres. The machine is fitted with a counter-frame available with a steering axle. The 4 load cells mounted on the chassis ensure optimum precision during the loading phases.


  • Suitable for use in farms of all sizes
  • Autonomous hydraulic system
  • 4 load cells
  • 2-speed mechanical gearbox
  • On-board distributor
  • 2 augers
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Geometry at the service of homogeneity

High quality S355 steel mixing tank with 8 mm thick walls and 15-20 mm thick bottom. Mixing is guaranteed by the particular shape of the auger and of the mixing tank which, by facilitating the flow of the product, facilitates and speeds up the upward movement and the interchange between the augers, keeping the mixture extremely soft.
  • New conical profile
  • New inner corners

Data & technical specifications

  • Capacity 18 m3
  • Weight when empty 7000 kg
  • PTO 540 rpm
  • Maximum capacity 6300 kg
  • Required power 75 - 100 kW/hp
  • Length 7630 mm
  • Height 2600 mm
  • Width 2300 mm
  • Discharge height 790 mm
  • Outer wheels 2030 mm
  • Drawbar Axle Length 4820 mm
  • Maximum no. of livestock 95 - 140