Leader PF2.22B Plus Ecomix

Self-propelled, 2 augers, capacity 22 m³

Self-propelled mixer wagon with two augers and vertical mixing with a capacity of 22 cubic metres, characterised by extreme simplicity and economy of use thanks to the various automatisms and interactions between the components made possible thanks to the new latest generation electronics which ensure unprecedented simplicity of use and operational precision, especially in medium-large single-body companies thanks to the three automatic driving modes ECO, WORK and SOFT.


  • An extremely efficient cutter
  • New mill: incomparable performance and precision
  • The widest channel on the market
  • PF auger: power and efficiency at low consumption
  • PF discharge: unrivalled linear and simple discharge
  • New PF cab: everything under control
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A high performance engine

The Leader PF self-propelled wagon is managed by reliable and efficient integrated electronics that manage the power delivered by the 4 or 6 cylinder FPT engine with powers from 125 to 191 kw all in Stage IV / Stage V version. The reliability of FPT engines is the reason for the historic partnership between FPT and Faresin; the new engines allow for long maintenance intervals (every 500 hours, or up to 750-1000 hours of work when Faresin Long Life lubricants are used). Specific choices in order to offer Faresin customers a high level of quality and reliability.
  • FPT SCR Technology
  • High efficiency
  • Reactivity and durability

Geometry at the service of homogeneity

High quality S355 steel mixing tank with 8 mm thick walls and 15-20 mm thick bottom. Mixing is guaranteed by the particular shape of the auger and of the mixing tank which, by facilitating the flow of the product, facilitates and speeds up the upward movement and the interchange between the augers, keeping the mixture extremely soft.
  • New conical profile
  • New inner corners

An extremely efficient cutter

The solid structure developed by Faresin, made of Farnox anti-wear steel, ensure efficiency and durability over time. The three rotation speeds (200, 300, 350 rpm) allow the operator to choose, at any time, the best solution in relation to the food to be loaded, in order to always respect the fibre in the best way possible.

  • Automatic reversal
  • 600 mm diameter as standard or with mill, 700 mm as optional
  • Customised speed

New PF cab: everything under control

The new PF self-propelled cab has been designed to meet the needs of an operator who often spends many hours driving his vehicle. Comfort and well-being are the main features of a PF Line wagon cab.
  • Integral windshield, cleaner thanks to the negative inclination
  • Improved internal air conditioning and pressurisation
  • Openable top protective grille, with windshield wiper
  • New internal courtesy step for easy and comfortable access
  • Right rear-view mirror

Data & technical specifications

  • Capacity 22 m3
  • Weight when empty 16000 kg
  • Auger speed 5 - 40 rpm
  • Maximum capacity 7700 kg
  • Engine FPT Stage V
  • Power 151 - 205 kW/hp
  • Work speed 8 - 15 km/h
  • Travel speed 30 km/h
  • Length 9650 mm
  • Height 2870 mm
  • Width 2450 mm
  • Cutter width 2040 mm
  • Unloading height 4920 mm
  • Discharge height 670 mm
  • Outer wheels 2340 mm
  • Pitch 5370 mm
  • Chassis height 370 mm
  • Maximum no. of livestock 115 - 170
  • Wheels 435/50 R19.5