Our History Innovative by tradition

The evolution is imprinted on the dna of Faresin brand.
Non-stop evolution oriented on the developement of the new products, redefinition of the strategies and of the corporate structure based on the changing market requierements. An exciting route where we go through its most significant stages, and looking forward to write the new ones.

Mixer Wagon PF Range

Launch of the new range of mixer wagons ranges PF line.

Telescopic handler range FR

Launch of the new range of telescopic handlers range FR.

Faresin Polska

Opening of a new branch in Poland Faresin Polska.

Birth of Faresin Industries

Faresin Agri Division and Faresin Handlers merge into Faresin Industries: the "pocket multinational" brings the quality and operational efficiency typical of "Made in Veneto" to the world.

Faresin Handlers

New company called Faresin Handlers.

Faresin Deutschland

A new branch is established in Germany, Faresin Deutschland.

Split Faresin spa

Splitting of Faresin Spa in Faresin Building and Faresin Agri.

New Telescopic Lift and Leader range

The new 7-17m telescopic handler and the new Mono and Double LEADER range are born.

Birth of TMRSmart

The TMRSmart compact mixer carriage is born.

Faresin Spa is born

Faresin spa company birth

POWER and TMRSL are born

The POWER mixer carriage and the TMRSL mixer carriage are born.

The TMRVS wagon is born

The TMRVS mixing tank is born.

The first TMRV wagon is born

TMRV is the first trailed with vertical mixing: an innovation destined to be confirmed over time, with the development of the Magnum, Rambo and Twinner models.

The first TMRS cart is born

The first horizontal mixing tank is born TMRS.

First mixer wagon

The first mixing wagon leaves the company premises: TMR Unifeed, a machine so solid and efficient that it is still present and required in our range.

Prime formworks

Officine Meccaniche Snc produces the first formworks for construction.

The Officine Meccaniche Snc are born

Guido and Sante Faresin found the Officine Meccaniche snc of Faresin Guido and Sante, a mechanical company that works as a supplier of the historic Laverda brand.