Mons. Camillo Faresin Onlus History

The Mons. Camillo Faresin Onlus Foundation, established in January 2004, is apolitical, non-profit, and none of its members can be paid for the work they do in its favour. It exclusively pursues aims of social solidarity towards disadvantaged people and members of foreign communities, limited to humanitarian aid in the following sectors:
  • social and social health assistance;
  • health care;
  • promotion of initiatives, work conditions and job opportunities that foster social and economic growth.

Mons. Camillo Faresin Onlus FOUNDATION

  • The Foundation was established mainly in Guiratinga, in the Brazilian Mato Grosso, where Mons. Camillo and Don Santo Faresin dedicated their lives as Salesian missionaries. The Foundation's Board of Directors has direct contact with the Diocese of Guiratinga through the presence of the Sisters of the Divine Will of Bassano del Grappa and the Bishop of Guiratinga. Thanks to these people, in Guiratinga, a Committee has been appointed with the aim of proposing projects that represent the real needs of the community. The projects of the Mons. Camillo Faresin Onlus Foundation concern:
  • the support for the Seminarians of the Diocese of Guiratinga;
  • the support of courses aimed at educational and work training of the young people of the Diocese;
  • the support for female craftsmanship;
  • the support for the Gaetana Sterni retirement home and its elderly;
  • the support for the families most in need through the funding of ‘Basic Baskets’ containing basic necessities.
Today, the hand of Mons. Camillo Faresin is still extended toward others, thanks to the Foundation that bears his name. South America, Africa, Asia, Europe: wherever there is need for assistance and solidarity, the Mons. Camillo Faresin Onlus Foundation is there. It raises funds, collaborates with non-profit organizations, and, thanks to the support of donations, gradually expands its range of action. This is how the example of a man continues after him, with all his strength.


Since 2004, the activity of the Mons. Camillo Faresin Onlus Foundation has been supported by all those who have dedicated their time as volunteers and by individual citizens, companies, and organizations that have contributed to our projects.
Help our projects become reality – your support can make the difference!
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